Newell community looking to get local newspaper back

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Newell, SD (KOTA TV) - Plans are being made to bring a newspaper to Newell, South Dakota.

The town has already had two meetings to gauge interest.

Howdy's Newmart Employee, John Wallace, says “I think it's fantastic. I think it would be fabulous that, if we had that. There's a lot of business opportunity here in the NVN area, Newell, Vale, Nisland, and it would be a tremendous help to everybody here. There always happenings here between the school, local businesses, group activities, so rodeos. We always have something."

The town used to have a newspaper which was the Valley Irrigator.

That was followed by the Butte County Post. Now, neither are in print.

"It was a tremendous help, it was, and since we've lost that then I feel like there's a lot of loss of communication with the citizens of the communities," states Wallace.

In addition to the information, some people think a paper would bring economic advantages.

Superintendent of Schools of Newell School District, Robin Dutt, explains “Well it would be local jobs, back here again. Plus new jobs for new people is always a plus for a small town is getting new jobs. Plus an outlet for us to get stories out to everybody that subscribes to the paper."

A small town paper may be a big time dream since a number of papers have stopped printing including the Meade County Times and the Belle Fourche Bee.

Dutt is concerned that if a Newell newspaper does make it to print, it may not be long-lived

"I think there is a big enough interest is having a newspaper that the community will be able to step up and try to do what they can, but it's hard to start something that went away. So that's probably the hardest part is getting it re-started. Once they get the circulation and stuff, I hope they would be fine," elaborates Dutt.

They are still in the brainstorming stages, but regardless if it happens or not, the community seems to be behind the push for a local paper.