New regulation will impact hunters next year

Deer in a field eating

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks finalized a new regulation focused on stopping the spread of chronic wasting disease, that's impacting mule deer, white tail deer, and elk.

If an animal is affected, it can lead to malnutrition, as the animal "wastes away." The disease is causing the state deer population to decline as it continues to spread.

Steve Griffin is a wildlife biologist at Game, Fish, and Park in Rapid City.

"The hunters that hunt in those endemic areas or from any other state where CWD has been found," said Griffin. "When they go to their home, to a processor or a taxidermist it's their responsibility to ensure those carcass parts are disposed of, thrown away in a landfill."

And these new regulations will go into effect July 2020.