New part of Custer parade application is a safety reminder

CUSTER, S.D. (KOTA TV) - With parade accidents occurring across the nation, Custer Mayor Corbin Herman added a reminder on on parade request forms that everyone must follow the rules.

The week long festivities at Custer High School

One of the main rules the mayor is enforcing is the throwing of candy from a float. In the past, children have been injured when running to a float to grab candy.

Instead of people throwing candy from floats, they must walk and hand the candy to children. This reminder comes just in time for homecoming week.

Custer High School will celebrate homecoming in the next month and the new rule changes things for the parade.

Student council adviser Sandy Arseneault isn't letting the rules stop the school from having a good night.

"I think we always side on the error of caution to keep people safe and I think that's always our goal," says Arseneault. "When you have a lot of little kids out there that is a focus and we aren't really gonna change how we do things. The requirement to not throw candy is easily solved by just handing it out."