New manufacturing jobs coming soon

Published: Apr. 4, 2019 at 10:52 PM CDT
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GenPro Energy Solutions is bringing 25 to 40 new manufacturing jobs to Piedmont.

The business specializing in green energy announced on Thursday an expansion to include a manufacturing element. Currently, they focus on designing and installing products like solar panels and LED lights.

The new facility includes two high tech machines that cut holes in and bend the sheet metal needed to mount their LED lights.

CEO Francisco Palop says the technology they're using here in South Dakota is some of the most advanced in the world.

“They are the most modern machines you can find for these purposes,” Palop said. “This is a huge investment. It's a significant investment but it goes in line with our strategy to be vertically integrated so that we are not only able to design a product for a customer, but to be able to build it from the metal up.”

Palop is from California but says the company picked South Dakota because it's one of the best places in the county for business.

“When you talk about workforce, there's no place we'd rather be than western South Dakota,” said Lee Delange, Chief Operating Officer for GenPro Energy Solutions. He is from the area and has made strides to draw in employees from local schools.

“It made sense for us to set up shop next to our universities and schools within the area that specialize in technology, electronics and other trades associated with what we do every day,” Delange said.

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