New leads and more dog teams as the search for Serenity Dennard continues

Published: Aug. 27, 2019 at 7:40 PM CDT
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Nearly seven months since Serenity Dennard disappeared from the Black Hills Children's Home and the search for her continues this week with new leads for investigators and more dog teams.

This week, the dog team from Colorado joined in the search in a two-mile radius near the Children's Home.

They continue to hit on scents in the area but still no other evidence of the missing ten-year-old.

Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom said they are still narrowing in and eliminating certain areas in Rockerville.

He says odors can carry for five to 10 miles but walking just one square mile of the rough terrain is a challenge for search teams.

So far, nearly 4,400 hours have been logged searching with the help of dog teams from five states.

"We've bounced around a little bit in terms of closer and then out further, and then come back in a little closer. Some areas continue to, you know, eliminate areas, systematically. I guess the best example is we are kind of working out now as compared to where we were from February where she went missing initially," Sheriff Thom said.

Thom said the search is still weather dependent but the volunteer dog team from Colorado will remain in the area till Thursday


Investigators continue to look into new leads from other states as well.

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