New generation of batteries could emerge from School of Mines

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They're talking batteries at the School of Mines and they say it could fundamentally change your life.
Over two days this week, more than 80 people have been on campus talking about the next generation of batteries.

Part of that group wrapped up with a tour of campus labs Friday afternoon.
The plan is to establish an international center at Mines to develop solid-state batteries that will be safer, cheaper and more efficient than what we have now.
And that could mean big changes for you.

Entrepreneur in residence Kathryn Fitzgerald says, "Every person will be touched by this. If you use a cell phone or a smart phone, the devices you use will eventually have this. We had Medtronic here. It will eventually go into medical technology, implantables and wearables, electric vehicles, once they take off. By the way, that's coming faster than anyone realizes probably in this area."

Assistant professor Mark Patterson says, "This is going to be hard but it's going to transform everyone's life. We've got batteries in everything. There's probably a battery in the microphone you're holding right now and in the camera."

There are four universities teaming up on the project, the School of Mines, USD, SDSU and Northeastern out of Boston.
They're still waiting on the final approval from the National Science Foundation.