New bill looks at stopping prescription drug abuse

Published: Jan. 3, 2017 at 8:27 PM CST
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One of the first pieces of legislation South Dakota will be looking at in the new year is opiod abuse.

Senate Bill 4 is in connection with Presidents Barack Obama's 21st Century Cures Act to help states deal with opioid abuse.

The bill requires the State Board of Pharmacy to file an annual report on the use of prescription opioids, so patients are not being over-prescribed.

However, there is concern that new law will severely limit the amount of medication available to customers.

"Well, it will definitely affect us this next year, cause hydrocodone production decreases by 65 percent and oxicodone decreases by 25 percent, so the amount of narcotics available is going to definitely decrease," said Kurt Rising of the Medicine Shoppe.

In September, South Dakota was awarded a $215,000 federal grant for opioid overdose, misuse and abuse; and some fear the new law will lead to an increase in crimes related to narcotics.