New artifacts are being found in Deadwood

DEADWOOD, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Executives at the Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort are planning an expansion right here along Main Street.

Deadwood is digging up the past.

Kevin Kuchenbecker is the Historic Preservation Officer in Deadwood.

"And part of the requirements for the City of Deadwood being a national historic landmark, we have ordinances on the book that require archeology investigation before any new construction," said Kuchenbecker.

The excavation started in October of last year and has them digging six feet deep.

You are able to see Deadwood's history of floods and fires in the layers and in between these layers are features and artifacts.

Just this week they were able to find a coin, an old bottle from a pharmacy, and even hair.

The crews have buckets of dirt that will be sent to Rapid City to see if any artifacts were missed.

"Those artifacts are curated and cataloged and put into a collection that will be housed at the City of Deadwood, it's part of our archeological collection from the China Town dig in 2001 to 2004. We have over 250,000 artifacts and it helps tells the story of Deadwood," said Kuchenbecker.

And there is one wooden artifact that is turning heads.

"So what we are discovering here is some undocumented research of Deadwoods early history. We may have some historic photographs, a mineral survey from 1877 showing some of the flumes but not this particular flume appears in that," said Kuchenbecker.

The excavation will finish at the end of January.