New additions to Pe Sla buffalo herd

NEAR DEERFIELD LAKE, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The bison herd at Pe Sla, the sacred Lakota site four tribes purchased in 2012, just got a little larger after five calves were born last week.

The bison herd at Pe Sla is a little bigger now with the addition of five calves. (KOTA TV)

It's known as the Center of the Universe and holds special significance for the tribes. One of the tribes' original goals for the former Reynolds Ranch was to reintroduce bison, so consider that box checked.

What started with just five head, five years ago is now a herd of 60, plus five new calves and more babies are on the way. Another goal was to get participation in the project from every South Dakota tribe. Today all but one, the Lower Brule Sioux, are partners in the property.

"I'm thrilled to have all these tribes together. We're making forward motion. Everybody seems to be very excited to have this ground back here in the Black Hills and it's very spiritual when you stand here. It's like no other place in the world," said Pe Sla Caretaker Joe Buck.

On the horizon is the annual Solstice celebration in June that will draw hundreds of people for ceremonies and celebrations. As a policy, the property and events are open to everyone, not just tribal members.