Mount Rushmore's last living carver celebrates 98th birthday

 Nick Clifford, the last living carver of Mount Rushmore, celebrates 98 years of life (KEVN)
Nick Clifford, the last living carver of Mount Rushmore, celebrates 98 years of life (KEVN) (KEVN)
Published: Jul. 8, 2019 at 10:54 PM CDT
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A celebration for a living legend was held in Keystone Monday night.

Known for his hands and work on one of the world's most notable landmarks, Nick Clifford is the last carver of Mount Rushmore still standing.

"They're all gone now. I'm the last one so I'm happy that my health is good and I plan on living to quite a while yet," Clifford said.

Friends and family from all over came to celebrate Clifford's 98th birthday and his gift to the world.

"I've been in love with Mt. Rushmore since I came here when I was six so the idea that I got to meet someone who created this mountain to me was just like I met a rockstar," said Murita Marty, a friend of the Clifford's from Arizona.

With the help of his wife Carolyn of 45 years, Nick is still putting a dent in history.

"He's been a wonderful man. He's very kind and generous, and somewhat shy. You wouldn't know that since he's in the public but he enjoys what he's doing a lot," Carolyn said.

Nick and Carolyn are still involved with the National Memorial ... providing answers to the many questions people have about the legendary mountain.

"Somebody else was going to write a book about Nick and I just decided since I have the questions and Nick wrote out the answer, we just publish our own," Carolyn added.

So his hands, his voice, and his heart are still moving this mountain.

"It makes me feel really good that all those people come and I get to talk to them and tell them the story about Mt. Rushmore," Clifford added.

Clifford's been the last living carver for 12 years and hopes to keep living many more.