Mother allegedly ran over Calif. barber who nicked her son’s neck during haircut

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KPIX/CNN) - A California barber is recovering from surgery after the mother of a 7-year-old boy allegedly rammed him with her car due to complaints about her son’s haircut.

Brian Martin, 63, is recovering from surgery after a disgruntled customer from his Antioch, California, barber shop allegedly ran him over. Police say he sustained major leg injuries. (Source: KPIX/Art Ray/Brian Martin/CNN)

The suspect, identified as 28-year-old Ruby Delgadillo, remains at large after fleeing the scene with her two sons.

While police continue their search, 63-year-old barber Brian Martin says he’s still trying to grapple with what happened Wednesday in front of his Delta Barber Shop in Antioch, California.

Martin says Delgadillo brought her 7-year-old son in for a haircut, and the boy squirmed, resulting in a small nick on the child’s neck. The mother noticed the cut at home and returned to the store, he says.

“She came back and showed me this little scratch. I said, ‘What can I do about that? There’s nothing I can do.’ It didn’t bleed or anything like that. It was a tiny scratch… I just couldn’t deescalate it,” Martin said.

Martin’s business partner, Dustin Souders, says Delgadillo left and tried to kick the shop’s door in. Martin followed her outside to take a picture of her license plate.

Delgadillo then allegedly rammed Martin with her car, knocking him into and breaking the glass windows of the store next door. The barber sustained major leg injuries, police say.

Martin believes Delgadillo was trying to kill him.

“She was looking right at me,” he said. “She held that steering wheel, and she aimed right for me. She looked at me and pushed me through the building.”

Souders believes a beam at the corner of the store stopped the car’s forward momentum and may have saved Martin’s life.

He says Delgadillo was a repeat customer, who brought her son to the store three times this year.

Police described the suspect’s car as a blue 2006 Toyota Prius. They say it should have major front-end damage.

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