Increase in motorcycle repairs due to the Sturgis Rally

People didn't only head to the rally; they also took a trip to the repair shop.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA,TV) - Main Street in Sturgis wasn't the only place you could spot motorcycles and bikers this past week. Rice's Rushmore Motor Sports was another hot spot where bikers rolled up for repairs.

Rice's Rushmore Motor Sports didn't only see an increase in customers looking at motorcycles during rally week; they also saw a rise in bike repairs.

"The majority of the people come in for oil changes and tire changes, but on occasion, they have a problem with electrical or something," says Owner of Rice's Rushmore Motorsports, Wade Rice.

With visitors coming from all over, putting wear and tear on their bikes, there is a possibility that riders will experience damage to their motorcycle.

"Hot days chew up the tires pretty good. You might think you have enough to get back home, but hospital bills are expensive, and tires are cheap," says Rice.

Depending on the damage, some riders might feel it isn't worth it to fix their bikes. Rice sees that damage first hand and says that during rally week they sell about 110 new motorcycles, most of those coming with trade-ins.

"We trade in a lot of used units. People just ready to upgrade. You know theirs are getting higher mileage, and they want to get a new one," says Rice.

With the rally coming to a close, bikers need to make sure their ride is ready for the long haul home.

"Before they come and while they're here they should check their air pressure and tires. You see a lot of guys and gals riding around with low pressure, and that makes them handle poorly," says Rice.