Money available for cities and counties to cover COVID expenses

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The CARES Act has provided more than a billion dollars to South Dakota to help the state make it through the pandemic.
Part of that is going to cities and counties across the state to help them cover some of their expenses.
Monday, the state laid out how much is available to each city and county.
But Governor Kristi Noem says the Treasury Department keeps adjusting the guidance on just how that money can be used.

Gov. Noem outlines how much is available for cities and counties.

Noem says, "But this is welcome news for a lot of these entities, these counties and these cities that have been struggling financially, to cover some of the increased costs they've had, taking care of folks struggling with the virus, deliver care, come infrastructure they've had to invest in and then also the public safety needs that have been put forward. the uncertainty that's created has been a real struggle for local leaders."

Noem says cities and counties have been given instructions as to how they can request reimbursement from the Local Government COVID Recovery Fund.