Mock simulation tackles vaping and drunk driving among teenagers

 A mock simulation of a fatal car crash takes place at Sturgis Brown High School. (KOTA TV)
A mock simulation of a fatal car crash takes place at Sturgis Brown High School. (KOTA TV) (KOTA)
Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 9:44 PM CST
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Two Sturgis Brown High School students are helping raise awareness about driving while impaired with a life-like simulation. But a new topic was added this year, vaping.

Sturgis firefighters, police and emergency workers rushed to the scene of a fatal car crash at Sturgis Brown High School. But it's all an act.

Two senior students, Emily and Annie, created this fake scenario to warn teenagers about the dangers of driving under the influence.

"A couple of years ago there has been who have been in car accidents due to drinking. It's just something we want to prevent. We've all seen it first hand," Emily Pi, senior student, said.

From the bloody gashes to giving patients IVs, the details of the accident accident were acted out in front of freshmen.

Every year the Youth Leadership Team puts on the mock simulation but vaping is a new topic they warned students about this year.

"My heart goes out to these kids. You know, it took us 20 years to find out that smoking causes lung cancer. These kids were taught that hey vaping is cool. It's a safe alternative. You know you can do it and you are not going to be addicted nicotine. Which all are not true," Hondi Dunn, Trauma Coordinator at Sturgis Hospital, said.

In about 60 days since the school year started, 38 violations of vaping were counted.

Overall, the simulation left several students with mouths agape the reaction the girls were looking for.

"They see it and they are just like oh my goodness what have we just seen. We do not want this to happen to us and that's kind of the goal," Pi said.

"In reality, they probably get away with it and nothing happens to them for a long time. But then if something happens it can be really bad and life-changing," Annie Calhoon, senior student, said.

The students wrapped up the scenario with a session in court followed by a mock funeral to hit home on the dangers of being under the influence.

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