MegaKota: Will South and North Dakota merge?

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - It only took MegaKota a few days to go viral.

More than 16,000 people signed the petition and its accumulating more each day.

Dillan Stewart started this online petition asking President Donald Trump to merge the Dakotas into a single state called MegaKota.

He said the reasoning behind the petition is because he wants Puerto Rico to become a state, but doesn't want 51 states, so why not just merge the Dakotas.

Darrell Shoemaker the Communication's person for Rapid City, South Dakota doesn't want to merge.

Shoemaker said, "North Dakota does quite well, they have a 6 month growing season, they have their identity and we, South Dakota have our own identity and we'd like to keep it that way."

Darrell added he loves South Dakota and wouldn't blame North for maybe wanting to merge.

"We have Mt.Rushmore, we have Crazy Horse, rodeo is our state sport, so I could see why North Dakotan's would want to merge with South Dakota," Shoemaker said.

But some North Dakotan's don't necessarily agree.

A comment on the petition read, "I live in North Dakota. And literally want nothing more."

Myrie Oneil a South Dakota resident said, "I saw it on google last night, what about the rules and regulations, how are we going to merge those states together."

If we ever did end up merging some things may change.

"We would probably have Fargo nights rather than summer nights and we would probably start putting sounds on the end of our sentences, we just have own unique identity, its amazing we would probably be one of the bigger states in the country but I don't see it happening," Darrell Shoemaker the Rapid City Coordinator said.

In order to see Dillan Stewart's petition's progress, check out his page found to the right of the article.