First up for Meadowbrook Elementary facelift: A drainage fix

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Rapid City Area Schools had a decision to make about the future of Meadowbrook Elementary school and after looking at several options, the district has decided for a facelift, not a rebuild, and that starts with fixing outside drainage issues.

The school facility has seen flooded classrooms after torrential rains. The district brought in a nationwide consulting group, MGT in 2015, surveying each school building. In the final report, MGT recommended replacing the Meadowbrook facility. That decision was overturned, and the district now plans to extend the life of the building by making changes over the years.

"When that recommendation was made we completely understood it would probably never take place. That it'd be the Cadillac- model. If you could do everything in the district needed, that would be one of the last things that we would do," says Dave Janak, assistant superintendent of Rapid City Schools.

The recommendation from MGT indicates the district is needing 330 million dollars to complete renovations to all school buildings. For now, Meadowbrook, with a million dollar investment, is up first.

Construction on the draining issues at Meadowbrook will start in early June and will last throughout the summer.