Meade School District at an impasse with teacher pay

STURGIS S.D. (KOTA TV) - In June the school district and teachers reached a standstill on salary raises. The superintendent says one reason for the lack of funds is the recent building of Stagebarn Middle School in Summerset.

"It has created some situations where we have limited resources, that's something that was impacted and we weren't be able to provide the salary increase that teachers felt they needed," says Jeff Simmons the Meade School District Superintendent.

The district approved a 1% salary increase- the Meade Education Association believes that isn't enough. Simmons says one option for increasing salaries is to cut spending for extracurricular activities.

"There are programs in our school that we could eliminate to take care our deficit spending to provide teachers a salary increase," says Simmons.

The superintendent is hopeful that although they weren't able to afford a raise this year, this will be resolved soon.

Simmons says, "The good news is there's an answer to this problem and we will find it and we will solve the problem."