Meade County State's Attorney prepares for rally

STURGIS S.D. (KOTA TV) - Nearly one third of the annual criminal case load happens in the eight days of the rally. Meaning there are more hands on deck- watching for rule violators.

In the courthouse- there is a booking room set up just for the volume of arrests made at the rally, since the jail can't take on so many more arrests. The State's Attorney says they pride themselves on getting most violators charged before the end of the year.

"As far as felony court goes- we try to get at least three quarters of those new felonies done before Christmas and we usually reach that goal, some of them take a little longer. As far as the misdemeanors which are more plentiful- most of those are wrapped up by the end of the year but not all of them," says Kevin Krull the Meade County State's Attorney.

Meade County will also hold both felony and misdemeanor courts every day of the week with the amount of arrests.