Making the calls on snow days

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BOX ELDER, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Douglas School District Superintendent, Alan Kerr says the decision to cancel school is not an easy one, and one he has gotten wrong before.

For Douglas Schools, the decision is made in conjunction with the Ellsworth Air Force Base, the contracted bus company and surrounding area superintendents.

Ellsworth is able to make a call the night before an event, while the School District typically waits for the morning of the event. The Douglas School District has kids in at least a 12-mile radius, and every student is considered when making the call to cancel school.

Superintendent Kerr says snowy, icy or even windy conditions could cause a snow day, but sometimes you just don't know.

"I've canceled school, and it has been beautiful out," said Kerr, "It is never an easy decision, but it is one you take very seriously. And sometimes it is wrong."