Making donors feel secure

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A non-profit's stated goal is to help others in the community, but they also aim to make sure their donors feel secure.

The Dahl Arts Center aims to make its donors feel secure.

The Dahl Arts Center has about 400 hundred yearly donors and does everything they can to make sure those donors know where their money is going.

"I want to know where my money is going. So if I want to donate a certain amount of dollars I want to know what did they do with that money. It's not just going into someone's pocket," says The Dahl Arts Center Bookkeeper Kelly Culberson.

To keep everyone happy, the non-profit has an "open" policy where they provide sponsors, donors, and members with frequent updates about what is going on throughout the year.

"It's what the donor wants you to do with their money, so you have to do that. You have to track it and say okay your money came in it was for scholarships, education and we did this amount of scholarships, and here they are," says Rapid City Arts Council Executive Director Susan Hughes.

They say the best way to handle donations, is to have a strong, hands-on board team.

"If you have a non-profit with one bookkeeper and two board members you can put things in place to where everybody is involved in the process," says President of Kahler Financial Group Rick Kahler.

Representatives from the Dahl Center say that no matter the size of the donation, all of their board members work closely on the case.

"The more people that are hands-on and can see the amounts and the numbers the this that and the other thing the less likely you are to have any error or stealing," says Culberson.