Make unforgettable memories with your kids outside

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RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA TV) - With all the hiking trails around KOTA Territory, you'd be hard pressed to find a better way to spend time with your family.

There are hundreds of trails to go exploring and bringing your children along is a great idea.

This can help the upcoming generation fight the growing battle against child obesity.

But most important, you will be able to make memories and build a relationship with your kid.

Just know that when you hike with your child, you may have to make some adjustments from when hiking alone.

Naturalist at Outdoor Campus West, Keith Wintersteen, says "it's going to be a lot slower. You're going to be hovering, just watching. You're going to spend a lot of time sitting because when you’re a year and a half to two years old and you can't go a long ways before you get tired and get distracted, that's fine. You're still spending time together. As they get a little bit old you can walk the little bit farther, but you still need to be aware of what's going on. Where their hands, where their feet going? Where are they at all times?"

There’s a variety of different trails from easy to hard as well as long and short trails.

Plus if you don’t want to drive too far, there are even trails inside the heart of Rapid City.

"If you really want to get your children involved in an adventure, this is the place to do it. Get them out in the outdoors away from the video games and their cell phones,” explains Steve Flanery, Vice President of the Hanson-Larson Memorial Park Foundation. “The thing that we're trying to get people involved, is that your children get out in the great outdoors in the Black Hills of South Dakota and you can do it right in the middle of Rapid City."

When taking you children hiking, make sure you pack plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, and anything else you feel will make your adventure run smoothly.