Love is in the air across Rapid City

 A sign of love painted at a Pottery 2 Paint.
A sign of love painted at a Pottery 2 Paint. (KOTA)
Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 5:19 PM CST
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Valentine's Day, the time for heartfelt gifts and grand gestures to show your love.

And owner Jenna Kessler of Pottery 2 Paint, has already seen some gestures.

"I actually had a family come in earlier this week and they came in to make something special for mom and so that's always exciting to see the kids really putting all of their love into it and knowing that that mom is going to be surprised on Valentines Day when she opens her little gift and it has their handprints on it or their handwriting and it's just something very special," said Kessler.

And it's not just gifts that you can make, you can also make memories with someone special to you.

"There are a lot of traditional options for Valentine's Day," said Kessler. "So there's something really unique and personal that comes with spending that time together, having a conversation, making those memories making that piece of pottery, working on something together."

Finding a balance between traditional and untraditional is really up to you, because when it comes to Valentine's day you may think of the fancy dinner, the chocolates, and the flowers, but others go to a brewery.

For Valentine's Day, Dakota Point Brewery is releasing a new drink called 'A Little Fun' that was created by the beertenders Beth Paris, Madison Richardson, and Morgan Peterson.

"Well we wanted it to be a little bit of fun so we wanted it to be exciting and fun and something different we haven't brewed before and so we decided on a crème ale and we decided a little bit of strawberry would add the fun to it," said Paris.

And this drink comes with more than one kick.

"We're also donating a dollar from every pint sold of this beer to the Front Porch Coalition," said owner Dave Eddy. "They do suicide prevention and awareness here in town and it's a great charity."

One that is is near and dear to their hearts.

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