One hunter found, one still missing in Black Hills

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A 72-year-old hunter was found by Pennington County Search and Rescue less than two hours after he was reported missing on Thursday.


The man is the second hunter reported missing in October in western South Dakota.

Another hunter, 66-year-old Larry Genzlinger, is still missing and was last seen on October 1.

In both cases, the hunters had people in the same general area... and Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom said the situations are similar.

Thom also said bringing a cell phone while hunting and following specific safety measures during the season is helpful for search and rescue.

"It's also important that if you're going hunting in the woods people know where you are at. Even if you're hunting alone, letting family or friends know that 'hey I'm going out hunting today and I'm going to be in a certain area' and that way if you don't return we have at least a place to start looking, so letting people know. A lot of times you're hunting with someone else, but if you're hunting alone, letting someone know where you're at can be helpful too," said Thom.

A thermal drone was used Thursday night to find the 72-year-old hunter, and a sheriff deputy found the man near the last location he was seen.

Helicopters, drones, horses, K9's, ground searchers, ATV's and UTV's have been used by search and rescue to help find 66-year-old Larry Genzlinger, who is still missing.

The identity of the hunter found Thursday night has not been released.

Original Story

A 72-year-old hunter was found by Pennington County Search and Rescue less than two hours after he was reported missing.

The hunter was reported missing about 9 p.m. Thursday. Rescuers, along with a thermal drone, were deployed. About an hour and a half later, a Pennington County sheriff’s deputy found the hunter.

The Alexandria, S.D. man was in the Black Hills hunting for elk with friends.

Another hunter lost in the Black Hills is still missing. Larry Genzlinger of Howard, S.D. was last seen Oct. 1 near Deerfield Reservoir.

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The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office suggests that hunters always have a cell phone. Even if you have no cell service in one location, you might be able to get to a higher point. Also, use a GPS-guided device that marks roads. Ensure you have some food, any necessary medications, and layers of warmth. Clothing should include something orange or another bright color that can be tied to you or a nearby landmark in case you get into trouble and need to be found.