Local youth spreads positive messages with chalk during COVID pandemic

RAPID CITY, S.D (KOTA TV) Avery is only 9 but she has already set big goals.

Positive messages line the sidewalk of a Rapid City neighborhood (KOTA TV)

"I'm excited, I always wanted to change the world and make it a better place." Says, Avery

Avery has already started following her dreams by writing positive messages on the sidewalk outside her home, to lift the spirits of those who happen to pass by.

"The world is very chaotic and weird right now. We came outside one day and I thought this is a little weird. so I just started drawing and doodling some things and I wrote some notes," Says, Avery

Avery's overjoyed that her kindness is bringing smiles to her neighborhood

"I'm excited because I know God wants me to do the right thing."

The nine-year-old has taken her first steps to improve the world and she has no plans of stopping.

" It is wonderful because I'm thinking maybe I will take it step by step."