Local woman decks out home with Christmas decorations

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - For many, putting up tons of decorations for Christmas can be kind of a pain, but for one woman, it's her passion.

From snowmen to Santa's dancing entourage, Jan Czywczynski goes all for the holidays including her 23 fully decorated Christmas trees.

"I think this is my max with my age and everything. I have plenty to do with the amount I have now," Czywczynski said.

Each one of the trees has a different theme.

"I collected Hallmark ornaments and different series and that's the way I kinda came upon the themes. Of course, you go to the stores and kinda get ideas on what's new for the year."

Czywczynski has been decorating her home for 18 years now

"Well, we had the space, we have a lot of grandchildren and I enjoy doing it."

Her grandchildren are her elves and help her decorate their favorite tree. Czywczynski makes sure she has plenty of prep time.

"I started right after Halloween just putting the trees together and after that, I decorated them and it took me about a month."

Decorating her house is like a hobby for Czywczynski, but some good inspiration for your next Christmas display!

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