A walk through history, Veteran focused art alley on the horizon

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - An art alley, but for Veterans - that is the idea Bill Casper is trying to make a reality.

Bill Casper is planning on making a Veteran art alley in downtown Rapid City.

"And so what we'd like to do is in one of the alleys in town, is have a diorama that starts with the revolutionary war and goes right on to the present conflict," said Casper.

Casper put the idea on Facebook and received more than 500 responses.. all in support of the idea.

"There was not one negative response, and I've already talked to some of the city council and they're all in support, so I think it's just a matter of us getting our act together and getting this thing started," said Casper.

In addition to the paintings, Casper plans to hang banners honoring Veterans who served in the conflict displayed.

"We need to find an artist, and of course we have to go through the Dahl Fine Arts Center to get permission, and of course we have to get permission from the owner of the buildings, so we're looking at a couple of different alleys in the downtown area to do this," said Casper.

A walk through history is the idea.. and once all the necessary steps are taken, Casper hopes to start the project in Summer 2020.