Lead is on its way to a record breaking year, booming revenue

LEAD, S.D. (KOTA TV) - With a population just shy of 3,000... Lead is on their way to the most profitable year the town has ever had.


"We have tourism, we have all these awesome things. We have a very active main street. 'There's also a lot of people converging on this place because it's a cheap place to start a business, so a lot of entrepreneurs are moving here to start businesses," said Executive Director of Lead Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Ward.

Ward expects the sales tax revenue to hit $1 million, which would be the most Lead has ever collected.

"We're breaking records, so this is the most sales tax we've ever collected. I feel pretty excited that we could maybe hit a million this year, for the last couple months we have been doing about $100,000 a month," said Ward.

After growing tired of life in New York, Beth Staeckeler and her husband moved to Lead to open their restaurant, the Sled Haus.

"We were just ready to leave New York, find a better way of life that wasn't going to be so expensive and so we decided to move to Lead, South Dakota after my husband came to the Sturgis Rally in 2005," said Staeckeler.

And she says this year has been the most prosperous out of four years in business.

"This year has definitely the Sled Haus's most successful. Word has really gotten around about our restaurant and it's nice to just be here while the town is growing," said Staeckeler.