Lawrence County Emergency disaster exercise

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - When multiple crews respond to a large emergency, the best thing for them to do is have strong communication and coordination, but that doesn't always come easy.

About 50 responders participated in a disaster exercise, which showcased a plane crash and bus collision. (KOTA)

More than 30 volunteers acted as victims of a plane crash and bus collision on Saturday.

"On the plane trapped. I have a very low pulse, and I'm unresponsive, so I won't be able to answer any questions. It will pretty much be like I'm just asleep," says one volunteer, Jordan Borderson.

With about 50 responders from different agencies, including Lawrence County Emergency Management, Spearfish fire, Police, EMS, and Black Hills Life Light, the training event is designed to allow crews to practice. As well as assess how they work together if a disaster like this occurred.

"Sometimes, we don't always catch the little problems that come with communicating and coordinating. So by practicing, we can find the pitfalls and the barriers and the issues before we have a real event," says the supervisor of safety and quality for Regional Health Spearfish Hospital, Carrie Donovan.

To fully complete the stimulation, the victims were then transported to Regional Health Spearfish Regional Hospital.

Once they arrived, nurses and doctors cared for the victims and assessed their condition. They then determined whether or not they could be discharged.

"We work on our own to be safe and to help our community be safe, but we don't also get an opportunity to practice that together," says Donovan.

Even though the disaster exercise is designed to help crews, it also helped one of the volunteers.

"I figured it would be a neat experience to see how things work," says Borderson.

Borderson says he wants to be a registered nurse when he gets older, and after this, he is excited to work towards that dream.