Last day to place warm items on the downtown Presidential statues

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Today, March 15, is the official deadline for winter apparel to be placed on the downtown presidential statues in Rapid City

For four months in the winter, church and community groups place items such as winter stocking caps, scarves, gloves and more for those that need a little warmth.
In 2015 Rapid City council passed a resolution approving the project to start Nov. 15 thourh March 15. Even though the season ends today, there are still a variety of social service agencies that can still use the warm clothing items.

"Right, we will take them year-round, we still have some cold weather it's not unusual to have a blizzard in April around here so there will be a need for them," said Lysa Williams, executive director of The Cornerstone Rescue Mission. "We get new people everyday, even if we get some [donations] in the summer we stock pile those for next fall."

After today, any items place on the statues will be removed. If you do any extra winter items that you want to donate places like The Cornerstone Rescue Mission, The Hope Center, WAVI and others can use those items.