Landmark Community Church holds active shooter training

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - According to one consulting company, churches around the country have the mindset, "It could never happen here."

But as seen with the shooting in Sutherland Springs,Texas last November, it could be a scary reality.

To prepare people for any situation, Strategos, a Kansas based security training organization, trained church employees at Landmark Community Church in Rapid City over the weekend.

The company calls church shootings a growing epidemic. According to Strategoes, in 2017 there were 261 church attacks compared to 2004 when there were four.

They travel the country training churches the method of lockout, get out and take out.

For lockout, they train people to keep the threat outside. If the threat is inside, they train people to get out.

And third is the worst case scenario. If you can't lockout or get out, people should resort to takeout and stop the threat.

The trainer and Vice President of Church Securities Ministries at Strategos International says churches should have a plan because less than one percent of churches go through lock-down training.

"You don't need firearms training to make your church safer, but every church does need training," said Young. "One thing we teach public school teachers is don't be a good little victim. Don't have a victim mindset. We want the mindset to be we are going to prevail."

This event was held in conjunction with the Box Elder Police Department who say they want to do everything they can to make the community safer.

"We have some of the best officers in the Black Hills region, but they are not going to be with you when faced with violence so you need to know basic techniques to save your own life," said Lt. Chris Misselt. "So anytime we can do this detention and prevention and empowering congregations and empowering vulnerable groups, that just makes the community safer all together."

There will be a firearm safety training in October in Custer. To register, go to Strategos International to register.