Tips when it comes to finding reliable contractors

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - With the recent bout of severe weather, Rapid City property owners are looking for help to fix their homes from storm damage, but finding reliable help isn't as easy as it seems.

Google Product Expert and president of Classy Brain, Craig Mount urges the community to be cautious when hiring contractors.

Google Product Expert and President of Classy Brain Craig Mount urges the community to be cautious when hiring contractors.

"You'll typically type in a keyword phrase. Maybe Rapid City roofer, hail damage, repair something like that. And one in two of those listings aren't even going to be somebody's who's eligible to do business," says Mount.

His company researched the 53 roofing companies listed in the area on Google. Only 26 of those businesses were eligible.

"It's really easy to get these listings verified and what happens is you can basically again just have a home address, and you get the pin from Google, and then you're basically eligible to start receiving calls on Google," says Mount.

With the recent weather Mount says there has been an increase in the number of listings that appear on the internet.

"With the accessibility of Google my business, it's absolutely a good platform to take advantage of at the moment. And again with the weather hitting, we've seen an increase for sure in those listings," says Mount.

Mount says before homeowners hire a contractor, they should make sure they are licensed to work in South Dakota and check to see that they are accredited.