How K9 dogs are all paws on deck

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ELLSWORTH AFB (KOTA TV) - Starting in Lackland Texas, these dogs go through their own "basic training" to be qualified to station in Air Force Base's across the nation.

Boriz assists his handler Loggins with everyday missions.

Once on their base, handlers in Security Forces work to train with their dogs everyday, going through sweeps in buildings and patrolling with their handler in police vehicles, are only a few things these dogs are capable of.

The dog we caught up with is Boriz, he's been on Ellsworth all 8 years of his life and knows the core training which is to find things and find people.

For Boriz's handler, this is something he's always wanted to do.

"When I first graduated I was either contemplating going to local police to try and be K9 but I chose the military route. I grew up with one of my dad's friends being K9 and I've always just kind of dreamed about doing it," says Chace Loggins a military work and dog handler with Ellsworth Air Force Base.

These dogs also go on deployments with their handlers if they are chosen.