It's the great pumpkin giveaway Box Elder

The great pumpkin giveaway in Box Elder (KOTA TV)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV)- It's the great pumpkin harvest Box Elder -- with a popular event that helps get the community in the Halloween mood.

Jail inmates have been working all spring to grow various types of produce at the Pennington County Jail garden.

Their work paid off today, as members of the community got the chance to harvest the crops and take home free produce.

The big draw for kids is picking out a free pumpkin, but another key to this event is helping kids build positive relationships with law enforcement.

"These are good guys and of course they are helping to pick up a pumpkin, move the pumpkin to their car and so on. This is fantastic that they see this happening." says, Larry Larson, Mayor of Box Elder

For the director of the garden preparing the inmates for after their release is one of the main missions of the garden.

"And learn what the different vegetables are and how they are incorporated into their daily lives. A lot of them go home and want to do a garden on their own if two or three of them want to do a garden I will be pleased." says, Bill Apyeo, Supervisor of the garden

The produce is grown in the garden also helps make meals at the jail, as well as the Cornerstone Rescue Mission, and WAVI.