"In God We Trust" billboard near Baken Park

A new billboard is protesting having the motto "In God We Trust" in public schools. (KOTA)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A controversial billboard was put up in Baken Park, funded by a group from out of state, and let's say it's sparking lively conversations.

"In God, We Trust" the motto of the United States is now displayed in all 23 Rapid City Public Schools. The state law went into effect in July.

Now one organization based in Wisconsin is fighting back, and it's catching the community's attention.

If you take a ride to Baken Park, you may notice a new billboard.

The sign was put up by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to make a statement about the new South Dakota law. Which is to have the motto of the United States "In God, We Trust" displayed in public schools.

"There is no God in our government, and you don't have to trust in God to be a good citizen. So this is mis-education for school children," says the co-founder of Freedom From Religion Foundation, Annie Laurie Gaylor.

The sign features Mount Rushmore, and Gaylor says they picked the monument to showcase that the presidents are not happy with the motto.

"And there are many students in the schools and many parents of them who are not religious today. A quarter of our population is not religious," says Gaylor.

With a billboard in Sioux Falls and another one in Rapid City, some community members are not too happy with the new addition, either.

"This says we don't want to trust each other. We don't want to get along. We don't want to air our differences in a civil manner," says one retired teacher, Judy Lindskov.

Lindskov says she is all about bringing people together but believes the sign will turn people against each other. Others disagree.

"And I do think we got bigger issues to deal with than worrying about quoting and saying a prayer in school," says one Rapid City resident, Ken Lindskov.

On the other hand, some agree with the message and don't believe it's causing any harm.

"This county, in my opinion, was founded on religious freedom, and part of that was not a specific religion," says Spearfish resident, Mark Herreid.

The billboard here in Rapid City will be up for a month.

The organization says another billboard will go up in Pierre in hopes of sending a message to legislators.