Immunizations required by law before going back to school

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) We all know that immunizations are important, but they're also required by law. While there is pretty good compliance with Kindergarten students. Kindergarten shots are pretty standard and parents know that when you start school, you get your shots.
In 2016, two new vaccines, for incoming sixth graders, became mandatory. Last year, a large number of sixth grade students started the first day of school without the required immunizations. 90 percent of incoming sixth grade students did not have the required immunizations. There is a critical need to not only get the word out about the necessary vaccinations, but to make them accessible, particularly for students who live in poverty.

Rapid City Schools will be using every communication channel they have to get the word out. They're also asking community partners to set up booths at our open houses to give out information about the immunizations, including when and where they can get them.
If students do not get their vaccines within the first two weeks of school, the can be excluded from class.