How you can learn to write stories about your life moments

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A Thus Far Life Writing Workshop took place Saturday at Common Ground in Rapid City.

In the class, participants start writing the story, go home and finish the story, then bring it back to share with the writing group. (KOTA TV)

The class is $30 to attend and provides an intimate learning experience. Allowing people to share their life experiences and learn from each other's writing.

Instructor Molly Berari said the class prompts people to write their life stories down in chapters, writing about a specific time, place and event that happened.

Barari said it's special to be able to write stories because it's important to pass on our life moments and have them recorded on paper.

"Really the class is great because it's interactive, we do a lot of fun activities to get our memories going and to remember those important life events through sensory detail and through descriptive writing so it becomes like a picture you're painting but with words," said Barari.

At the end of the class people will have written one short story from a time in their life.

The next life writing workshop will start on January 4th. For more details on how you can participate visit instructor Molly Barari's website.