How to make a homemade severe weather safety kit

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - If a disaster hit KOTA Territory right now, would you be ready?

Well floods, blizzards, and wildfires all get thrown our way by Mother Nature and getting ready for these storms can be the key to survival. But you still have time to get prepared.

There are 10 groups of items that you'll need: water, food, flashlight, radio, first aid kit, tools, clothes, hygiene basics, documents, and money. These supplies can be stored in a suit case.

The grocery store you shop at regularly probably has most if not all the items you'll need in your kit.

But make sure that you and your family member know where the kit is in case disaster hits.

Rapid City Pennington County Emergency Management Deputy Director, Alexa White, says, "You may find a road closure and lure headed home and then all of a sudden you can't get there because the road is closed to home. So who is at home? Do you have children at home? What are they going to do and what are they going to use? So if you have this kit and they know where it's at, they know where it's located in the house, then they can get into it. You can call them up, hopefully you still have phone service, either that cell phone or land line, and say here's what I need you to do and they are going to say okay we can do this until you get home."

It also wouldn't hurt to have a mini safety kit in your car in case you have to live out of your vehicle for a while.

But never say this can't or won't happen to you because disaster has hit this area before and will like come this way again.

"In our area we have a, basically we have a lot of flash flooding potential and we have had that in our history in 1972 and lots of other incidents. In the case where you might be stuck in your home because a road is cut off and you can't go to the store, it's good to have some of these items," adds White.

Whatever you do, don't wait until a disaster hits KOTA Territory to start trying to put together a severe weather kit because by that time it may be too late.