How to keep your dog from running away this summer

 Tips to keep your dog on the leash.
Tips to keep your dog on the leash. (KOTA)
Published: Jul. 13, 2019 at 6:24 PM CDT
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Summer is here, and it's not only the community who want to enjoy the weather; it's also our furry friends.

During this time of year, The Human Society of the Black Hills says they see an increase when it comes to dogs running away.

Senior Animal Services Officer Kelsey Harty says a reason for this is due to the wildlife being out.

To make sure your dog stays safe while you have them in your backyard, it's crucial to have your fence secure from the top and bottom.

If you have a chain fence, it's a good idea to get fence staking because it will keep it to the ground so your dog can't escape as easy.

When taking your dog for a walk, always remember to keep them on their leash and be prepared that your dog may tug when they see something they want to chase.

"I personally like to put the loop of the leash all the way up to my elbow and then hold onto the leash from there. That way if the dog does yank or try to get away from you they are going to tug on that arm, and it might hurt a little bit, but they are secure, and they are not going to get away without at least dragging you with them," says Harty.

Officer Harty says that it's very important when you take your dogs out for a walk to understand their strengths and know what they're capable of.

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