How to keep your child safe on a bicycle

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - With temperatures warming up kids of all ages are jumping on their bicycles, but do they know how to stay safe on a bike?
Mary Malik thinks bike safety is especially important because she lost one of her four children after he fell and hit his head and wasn’t wearing a helmet.
Malik says, “Bike safety is really important to me because we did lose a son to a bicycle accident. They were doing jumps and the boys were not wearing helmets and ultimately I believe if Luke would've been wearing a helmet his injuries would've been less severe and possibly saved his life."
That one incident changed the Malik’s lives forever.
"To have your 14 year old at one moment be celebrating a birthday and then the next be fighting for his life, you know at 14, you was horrific. It affected our entire family’s lives, and you know, we fought very hard for Luke and our community fought very hard for him and prayed for him and I just believe, you know, his story will maybe save other kids lives, added Malik."
Wearing a helmet is no doubt the most important safety tool needed before getting on a bike but picking out a the right size bike is almost just as important.
Cranky’s Bike Shop Manager, Zachary Agena says, “You kind of want to choose the bike that where the seats not all the way down because usually if the seat is all the way down they are not going to be able to touch the ground and their going to be tip toeing and then that just kind of, they lose that sense of safety. And you don't want to do one where the seat is all the way up and their knees are still hitting the handlebars. I mean you want to get that right size where they are going to feel comfortable on it."
Safety has been covered, but learning to ride a bike is the next way to stay safe.
A bike rodeo is the perfect way to teach the kids how to ride a bike properly while going through various obstacle courses.
Not only do they teach kids to ride bikes but it also shows them how to recognize street signs and what they mean so the children will have a better understanding of how to stay safer.
Please teach your kids the importance of bike safety because you don’t want your kids to get hurt or possibly even worse.
Malik stated, “If we could just tell parent that you just do not want to go through, it is you worst nightmare, I mean there's no other way to explain it. It's very devastating."