How to avoid back and neck pain while working from home

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STURGIS, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Working from home has provided a number of challenges, and it turns out proper posture is one of them.

Brett Lynass, owner of Sturgis Physical Therapy, has been practicing in Sturgis for over 36 years.

With many Americans working remotely, their office set up is probably not ideal.

"People working at home might find themselves in postures or having body mechanic issues that are less than ideal," says Physical Therapist and owner of Sturgis Physical Therapy, Brett Lynass. "In that event, they can cause strain and have some muscle tension issues which can cause pain."

Lynass has some simple strengthening exercises for people who are slouching, sitting too long, or even lying down while working.

He calls it "working out at work." Shoulder rolls and shrugs can release tension. Lynass also suggests trying to work from a standing position for at least part of the day.

Each of these minor adjustments could make a big difference.