How does snow and cold weather impact construction?

 Rangel Construction workers are prepping for the expected snowfall on Thursday. (KOTA TV)
Rangel Construction workers are prepping for the expected snowfall on Thursday. (KOTA TV) (KOTA)
Published: Oct. 8, 2019 at 6:13 PM CDT
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Snow and cold weather does make construction more difficult, but that doesn't stop construction workers from continuing the job.

Josh Button is the Superintendent for Rangel Construction.

"It just makes things difficult, the cold, everything slows down. I bought new snow shovels and just making sure any snow removal stuff is readily accessible, because you know were going to need it," said Button.

Button says sometimes when temperatures drop below zero, work is rescheduled, but typically, the cold and snow aren't the main concerns.

"We're more worried about the mud and the runoff than the actual snowfall. A big concern is erosion, and so when that snow melts it causes water to run, and when you're in the middle of the project it picks up sediment," said Button.

Workers began breaking out winter supplies like concrete blankets... and composite wattles

"It's a large sock of fabric that is filled with wood chips, so we're staking that down to the ground in the back and doing a few different levels of that," said Button.

Although the first winter storm hasn't hit, Button and his crew are planning ahead.

"Later in the year we start to prepare for that deep, hard freeze. You know this week it's more about after it melts because I think it's supposed to get back up into the fifties," said Button.

Rangel Construction workers are planning to continue work as normal on Thursday despite the expected weather conditions.