Hot Springs woman feels scammed after purchasing flight ticket

Joan Ellinger looks up plane ticket prices for a trip to see her family. (KOTA TV)

HOT SPRINGS, S.D, (KOTA TV) - A Hot Springs resident is disappointed after feeling she got scammed on a plane ticket.

Joan Ellinger booked a flight to Colorado Springs to see her son and her grandchildren in August.

But two days later, she wanted to change her dates to September to accommodate family members schedules.

She lost out $317 despite paying for travel insurance.

When she reached out to AIG insurance through Orbitz where she bought the ticket, she was disappointed in their response.

"I first got a hold of this one lady and she said well that's your fault for not reading the fine print," Ellinger said.

The fine print reads, 'No refund 24 hours after booking.'

Ellinger even reached out to a lawyer who said Ellinger would lose the case if she tried to fight the big insurance company.

"He said it's like taking a life insurance out but yet you have to die within 24 hours or your life insurance isn't any good."

Though it may seem unfair, it's not illegal.

Therefore, make sure you take a close look at the fine print before you purchase those tickets in advance.

But Ellinger has another tip for travelers.

"Forget the insurance. I mean even though mines cost me 21 dollars. Like I said that's not going to break my bank. But its the idea that the insurance. How many $21 a day or for every two hours are they taking," she said.

After filling out a form at her bank, she is waiting for 15 days to see if they get help her get a refund.