Hope Center and R-V Ministry host "Spa-Ghetti"

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A free meal and a haircut, part of an effort to help out the less fortunate.

The first ever "Spa-Ghetti" supper and spa was held Feb. 27th at the Hope Center. It was a full house, with about 60 people lining up for some spaghetti, hair cuts, and manicures. The idea is to pamper those going through difficult times.

"We regularly give free haircuts at the Hope Center," said Anna Quinn, Hope Center Executive Director. "But, there are people who are at work and can't come during the day. And there's kids that are at school and can't come during the day. And we actually, the majority of the people on our list tonight are kids, getting haircuts. And so it's just really cool to bring people together and sit at a table and have a meal. And then have them be able to have a little dignity and get a haircut."

The Hope Center plans to have the "Spa-Ghetti" supper and spa every other month. The next one is scheduled for sometime in April.