All Sturgis homecoming activities canceled

STURGIS, S.D. (KOTA) - Update:
The Meade School Board has cancelled all homecoming festivities. This includes the football game, parade and homecoming dance.

KOTA Territory News obtained pictures of what appears to show a group of current and former students damaging a car in preparation for the Sturgis Brown High School homecoming parade on Oct. 13.

A statement from the Meade County Schools superintendent Don Kirkegaard says, "I believe the car was to be used for a non-school sponsored or supported car bash. I believe the photo is recent and I believe there were several current and formal students involved."

The photos began circulating on social media on Oct. 11.

In the photos, you can see scrawled on the side of the car - "Go back to the Rez." In a photo showing young people hitting the car with sledge hammers, others are standing around, watching. In one of the posts, a derogatory hash tag was added.

In a letter, the Meade School district staff apologized for the students’ behavior, stating that the district doesn’t “support, teach nor endorse the inappropriate behaviors and actions that occurred Wednesday evening. We are appalled and disgusted by the racist comments that appeared on social media.”

While the district doesn’t sponsor the car bash, which has been a part of off campus homecoming activities for several years, one of the photos was taken in the school parking lot. The district stated this was done without permission.

The Sturgis Police Department posted a statement about the issue on their Facebook page.