Home renovations have increased since more are at home

A stove at the store.
A stove at the store.(KOTA)
Published: May. 14, 2020 at 5:15 PM CDT
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The Black Hills Habitat for Humanity Restore was closed for a month due to COVID-19, where manager Dallas Dalin took that time to prepare the shop to re-open.

"After we re-opened up, yes we did see a surge in traffic," said Dalin.

Since more people are spending time at home, Dalin says many have decided to fix up their houses.

"We do appliances, furniture, building materials also. We have lots of doors, windows, cabinets," said Dalin. "So if someone's doing a remodel project and they're wondering where they are going to take all their cabinets they are taking out, well that's the Restore."

But because more people are coming into the store touching all the items.

Restore is putting new plans in place when it comes to cleaning everything.

Like cleaning highly touched surfaces multiple times a day.

There are also traffic flow markers throughout the store, herding customers in a certain direction, but before you can even shop they require you to wear a mask.

Scott Engmann is the Executive Director of the Black Hills Habitat for Humanity

"As we're re-opening, using masks, cleaning, and practicing social distancing is the best thing we think we can do in this season to be able to serve the community, engage customers, and be safe at the same time," said Engmann.

And it isn't just the customers who benefit from the Restore's services, the funds made here are used to build Habitat for Humanity homes across the Black Hills.

You can check out their website for more information