Historic Adams House combines history, paranormal activity

DEADWOOD, S.D. (KOTA TV) - It's that time of year when spooky attractions are popping up everywhere in the spirit of Halloween. The Historic Adams House is one of them.

For those familiar with the Black Hills, the Adams House is a staple in Deadwood. The Queen Anne style home was built in 1892 by Harris and Anna Franklin.

"The architectural firm was from Chicago and they built this house with radiant heat, running water, telephone service. It just was state-of-the-art because the railroad came to Deadwood in 1890 and helped change all of that, so it's a magnificent home," Deadwood History, Inc.'s Communication Director Rose Speirs said.

Three different families lived in the home and threw parties with full orchestras.

But with the good, comes the bad.

"The big tragedy was W.E. Adams, who was a six-term mayor in Deadwood and hence the name Adams House, he lost the remainder of his family in 1925. It was all just in a 48 hour period of time," Speirs said. "It was just a horrible, horrible thing. He thought he'd never find happiness again."

Low and behold, two years later, W.E. Adams married a new love of his life, Mary. The two lived happily ever after until his death in 1934 - the only person who died in the Adams House.

"Then, his second wife Mary locked up the house by 1936 and left it as is, so it's pretty spectacular. When the Deadwood Historic Preservation and the city of Deadwood chose to purchase this house, they ran it as a bed and breakfast. In no time at all, they had a historic preservation officer that said, 'we need to make this into a house museum' and that's what they did and now it's all preserved for everybody to see," Speirs said.

Mary claimed the house was haunted after locking it and she would never stay there when visiting South Dakota. Some believe the reason why it was kept in such great condition was the rumor of spirits around the house.

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