Hideaway Hill families confront Meade County

 Trudo facing the Meade County Commission.
Trudo facing the Meade County Commission. (KOTA)
Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 5:53 PM CDT
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We reported earlier this week that those in Hideaway Hills who lost their homes to a mine collapse felt put aside by Meade County. Now, they have decided to confront the county.

"Something bigger is coming and as that hole keeps opening up every week, and it does, it's just a matter of time before we're looking at a lot bigger issues than just fifteen evacuated people,” said Trudo.

A group of homeowners from Hideaway Hills went before Meade County during the public comment section at their commission meeting Tuesday morning after the commission declined to put their complaints on the agenda.

"We sent a letter out last week,” said Trudo. “Their response back was that due to pending litigation that we wouldn't be put on the agenda."

The County Commissioners were advised by council to listen to the comments by the impacted families, but to not offer any of their own.

The focus was on two simple questions: What is the county doing? And what's next?

"No surveying is being done,” said Trudo. “Everybody's just told to continue to check your yard, look for sinking, look for anything that could show another possible collapse."

Citing "mistrust" in the county, the neighbors are having to take this tragedy into their own hands.

"We'll continue to do some research and work with those universities that we've reached out to see how fast they can get out here to kind of get some information, but I guess realistically the only thing we can do now is turn to our lawyers and let them do what they're going to do,” said Trudo.

Even though the families at Hideaway Hills didn't get many answers from the county at today's meeting, they say they left knowing their voices were heard.

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