Gun shots, beanbag and stun gun finally persuades driver to quit chase

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - It wasn’t a high-speed chase but it did cover a large part of Rapid City’s north side before police ended it by shooting the SUV tires and hitting the driver with a beanbag and a stun gun.

In the end, police arrested 23-year-old Casey White Eagle of Rapid City on several charges – aggravated eluding, obstruction, leaving the scene of an accident and drug possession.

“It was evidently clear that this suspect was going to do whatever he could to evade police capture, including putting officers’ lives at risk,” says Capt. James Johns, commander of the Rapid City Police Department’s Patrol Division.

The incident started when police tried to make a traffic stop on an SUV pulling out of a parking lot on the 1500 block of Haines Avenue. The driver took off when police approached his vehicle.

The chase was at “relatively slow” speeds. Along the way, the SUV hit a light pole and a parked car before pulling into a driveway on the 200 block of East Monroe Street.

The driver then, according to police, tried to hit two officers with the vehicle. This is when police shot the SUV tires, fired a beanbag shotgun at the driver and then shot the driver with a stun gun.