Governor Kristi Noem talks with families impacted by the sinkhole

Governor Kristi Noem addressing the conversations she had with the families impacted by the sinkhole in Black Hawk.

BLACK HAWK, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Thursday, Governor Kristi Noem spoke with the families, like John Trudo, forced to leave their homes due to the Black Hawk sinkhole to discuss their questions and concerns. One of those concerns: What is the state doing to help?

"We've been offering our guidance to the county as they tackle this challenge in front of them working with the community members to bring them as much help as possible," said Noem.

The state is helping Meade County fill out the FEMA grant, which would pay for 75% of a home's appraised value before the sinkhole appeared.

But there is one problem with the FEMA grant...

"The FEMA grant program is a highly competitive grant program," said Trudo. "There's just no guarantees to it."

Trudo says he has applied for the grant, but there really is only one thing him and his family can do.

"We can hope. That's about all we can do right now is hope," said Trudo. "You know we are putting a lot of faith in the county doing their research and resources and maybe trying to find other ways to come up with fixes or other resources or something."

If it does go through Governor Noem says then, the state will step in.

"That the state would commit to stepping up and fulfilling our ten percent share of the cost sharing formula that would need to happen in order for that to be of any assistance to the families," said Noem.

Until they find out about the grant, Trudo says it's important to test the neighborhood for any other potential cavities to make sure everything is safe.