Governor Kristi Noem recognizes Rapid City law enforcement for help in winter storm

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Governor Kristi Noem visited Rapid City on Saturday to thank law enforcement for their role in Wednesday's winter storm.

Noem thanked Rapid City police offers for helping people out of dangerous situations during the storm.

She also spoke about why she signed an emergency declaration.

The declaration frees up more state funds for South Dakota counties impacted by the blizzard and subsequent flooding.

The governor says every county is going to have a different loss threshold they'll have to meet depending on their taxes and infrastructure costs.

Kristi Noem says, "We do have snowfall to the north of us that when that melts out, that's going to continue to come their direction so we're not out of the woods yet. What I would like people to know is that this incident for this storm, we probably won't declare that over until the beginning of next week because we have so much water still moving. When that is over, then we will start to assess damages for the next 30 days to fill out that emergency declaration."

Noem says she's not sure if there's enough damage to homes and private property to qualify for individual assistance, but she still suggests people document their losses.